Intuition Development

Thought I would reblog this post by Kamala Thompson. It addresses the functionality of intuition. For me, this is directly related to my creativity. It’s an important resource in terms of maintaining my stability and perseverance as an artist.

Kamala Thompson

Intuition is knowledge: your ability to acquire knowledge without the use of logical reasoning, merely your gut-instinct. Intuition is within us all, however, in order to get the most we need to hone our ability to connect with one’s inner self. Developing your intuition plays a vital role in helping make your daily decisions, whether the questions be as simple as eat cereal or eggs or as complex as a job choice. Before, giving tools to develop your intuition I want to clarify between the feelings of emotion and intuition. Intuition is like emotion, but different as it is “purer” than emotion. Emotion and intuition both do not need conscious reasoning in order to be felt, however, intuition is an innate knowledge, a combination of instinctive sense perception, emotion, and memory. Therefore, intuition provides a valid way of knowing, a reliable knowledge and a dependable decision-making tool.

Now, how…

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