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4/9/15 Notes to Myself:

Journaling Patchwork2B

"You can't create in a vacuum. Life gives
you the material and dreams can propel
new beginnings." -Byron Pulsifer

Life does give one "material". I love
that! However, this often means I
need time in quiet to distill the multitude
of material that can be contained
in a day vying for my time.  
Inspiring or irritating as that
may be, distractions are a part of
daily life. My attitude and how I
work with them creatively is what matters. One
invaluable tool for me in this process
is journaling.

Journaling helps me stay focused and
ultimately assists in sorting out
what's important and what isn't. Not being
a "writer" helps because I give myself
a free pass in terms of format. This isn't
about being grammatically correct or even
articulate. It's simply about getting down
on paper what's going on around me
or inside my heart and mind. Single
words or run on sentences are welcome
friends. A sketch or two may appear. It's
the action that creates the space to 
breath outside my head.

My journal rests beside my desk. It has
become a supportive tool in my
"paint box". A set of blank, open and willing 
pages constantly await my presence.
There are no judgments or feedback and
that's key. 

The value of this time spent may not be
realized until weeks later. What looks like
a bunch of random thoughts and notes
from daily experiences often contain
hints to areas of new work. Answers 
to hurdles in my process of painting
are also frequently resolved.

The writing ultimately supports  
my creative "flow" and that's 
critical to my process and growth
as an artist.  And if I'm not growing
my art won't either. 

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