Imaginary Works

3/27/15 Notes to Myself:
#139 Roses Pink VaseImaginary works....

There's been a period of years where
I have felt like I lost my imagination.
This is connected to my creativity and
although I could still find myself
creating I had this sense of something
missing that I used to have.

Questioning this side of
myself is opening doors to looking
at my process. As an artist who
resonates painting from life there's
been less identification with using
my imagination and more of a 
connection to my observation skills.

Recently I was asked to do
a commission of a portrait of roses.
This is an interesting challenge
as the painting will be developed 
through a series of photo graphic

Working from photo's for me always
seemed to require a little more
imagination because there were parts
I couldn't experience and I found
that more difficult. 

As I have been collecting images
of roses and vases a variety of
ideas have begun to unfold. My
imagination has been sparked in
new more identifiable ways. What's
unfolding is a small series of
studies in preparation for a 
larger painting. These will be 
shared with the client for further
discussion as I move toward the
final project. The painting posted
is one of the series. 

Imaginary works are in interesting
way to stimulate more imagination!

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