3/5/15 Notes to Myself:SP10Canal_011Solarized4_6Creativity is part of my
nature. Although, I don't always
acknowledge my creative potential.

By denying this innate capability
I deny a vast range of opportunity
and on some level avoid accepting
responsibility for my life.

The fact is, I always have choice. I always
have creativity. On any given day
I can choose to take another course
in thought, word or action.
This is a direct expression of
my creativity. There are no limits. Only
those I inflict upon myself.

Exercising my creativity exposes
who I am. It's in the regular practice 
of challenging my constructs that I can see
more of me. My strengths and my 
weaknesses become revealed. There are
no more secrets. And no one else needs
to understand. 

To truly create for any length
of time I must remain active and
courageous in exploring the uncharted
parts of myself and keep walking. 


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