Imaginary Works

3/27/15 Notes to Myself: Imaginary works…. There’s been a period of years where I have felt like I lost my imagination. This is connected to my creativity and although I could still find myself creating I had this sense of something missing that I used to have. Questioning this side of myself is opening doors […]


3/20/15 Notes to Myself: Over the past week I’m noticing how the act of becoming “still” is essential to my creative process. Sitting quietly in meditation, focusing on my breath and letting my thoughts flow and then move on opens pathways to my essential being. My essential being is creative! What I am discovering is […]


3/5/15 Notes to Myself:Creativity is part of my nature. Although, I don’t always acknowledge my creative potential. By denying this innate capability I deny a vast range of opportunity and on some level avoid accepting responsibility for my life. The fact is, I always have choice. I always have creativity. On any given day I […]