In Flight and Embracing Uncertainty

2/7/15 Notes to Myself:bird7Embracing uncertainty 
empowers my ability to live 
and soar free.

As an artist this often comes to 
the forefront of my experience both
internally and externally. It's a critical
component to my painting and creative
expression because it unhooks me from
controlling outcomes and opens the
door to experience.

It takes courage to be an artist. Often to the 
outside world it's a path riddled with 
the unknown. That's one of the many gifts.
There are no illusions in that regard. 

Perhaps this level of honesty is difficult 
to accept. I think it's often hidden from 
view along other paths where there appears
to be more guarantee of those "things" we
value and hold so dear. The things that
supposedly promise us security. 

But do they? Or, is that the illusion we invest
in to feel safe in life, which by it's very
nature is filled with uncertainty. Or is it
the illusion behind choices we make that
don't fit what's in our heart? 

Artists by their very nature push back
the shield of illusion, in my opinion. 
They challenge certainty and provide clues
to what's in our hearts by exposing theirs.
We don't have to look. We can avoid the
discomfort of feeling and keep living
within illusions. We don't have to become
vulnerable to uncertainty. But the fact is
we are! As long as we are living and
breathing we will be faced with uncertainty.
So why not embrace this truth and soar.



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