Curious Speculation

1/30/15 Notes to Myself:Victoria 1 year Amazement CroppedBAm I curiously speculative?
Giving that question some thought this week
because I think it's an important part
of my creativity and integral to living.

Upon reflection I realize children are
spectacular teachers of many things and
in particular models of curious 
speculation. Everything is new! 

There's something magical in that
for me. I believe it's where my artistic
expression and creativity lives. 
I like to marvel and engage in curious
speculation.  It's something that often
connects me with life and allows me
to see and appreciate all it has to 
offer.  It's this curious kind of wonder
that I tap into when I notice
a snow laden branch or the miracle
of a pink morning sky. There's an awe
in all of it. 

I see it in this photo of my daughter
when she turned one. She's completely
engaged with the strings on a 
balloon. It's as if nothing else is
around. She's fully in that moment.

We don't get to remain children on
the outside but I think we can savor 
aspects of that part of ourselves on
the inside. I believe this is the
very part of me that can appreciate
the newness of life given in each day.
Often, that only requires that I give my
full attention to the simple things.

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