The Procrastination Gap


1/06/15 Notes to Myself:
Pieces of Me
As thoughts creep into my mind regarding all
the things I need to do with the
advent of a new year I feel myself
becoming "splintered". 

Although I know I am moving
toward light and doing my best
to "live" in each day and moment.

Today, I seem to be letting the
future cast a cloudy web inside
my head. Creativity seems to
disappear and I get scared.

You see as artist its important for me
to keep active in my studio or outdoors
painting. This is what nourishes 
my spirit and keeps me grounded. 

So why don't I just go and paint?
I realize I'm sitting in a GAP of 
internal struggle. My heart
knows where it needs to be but I
avoid letting myself go there.

Procrastination has crept beneath
my skin. I become fragmented
instead of focused. Frustration
mounts and I divest myself 
of the very thing that will 
rejuvenate my soul.  

Taking time to observe this
experience, I stop to write
a few lines.  Breaking the
cycle, walking through the GAP
I pick up my brush and paint!

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