Living on the Precipice

12/30/14 Notes to Myself:

Walk on Canal_3987
As the year comes to a close I realize how 
much courage it takes to live on the
"precipice" of life. It takes even more 
to "jump off" and sometimes I don't want 
to. But I can't experience living any 
other way. So I'm learning how to fly!

I know I am on a journey of coming to 
"edges" where I can't turn back. I must
continue to strengthen my wings. 
Jumping off the precipice is how
I get stronger.   

Each time I jump, I realize I am lifted 
to face new fears and challenges. My courage,
faith and trust expand.

In many ways this blog has been a "jumping off"
point for me. A risk much like my decision to
pursue my love of painting. And so it continues
to be.

Initially I hoped for this space to be a
creative extension to my primary work
as a painter. I've meandered around with
what that might look like over the past
year. Sometimes providing tips
and insights but not feeling like I've 
really found a home with it all.

I like the idea of Notes to Myself. They
may be sporadically articulate but there's
no guarantee. That's more like me anyway.

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