The Wonder of Color #7


Festoons billow above me

in a mix of muted hues

colorless shades of grey

as they appear

to my naked eye

Are they, I ask

as I perceive

perhaps a bit more

than clusters of my past

with particles of rainbow

light to be

discovered if I

keep my view within

arms reach

Color Fact:

Muted hues – How do you create muted hues?  Every time you mix a color with another it loses some of it’s intensity or saturation and in a very real sense becomes muted.   For example: If you purchase an Orange tube of paint compare the intensity of that pigment with an Orange you mix by combining a Yellow and Red.

One way to “mute” a color is to mix it with it’s complimentary.  For example: to mute a Red add some Green. To mute a Yellow add some Purple.  These can be further adjusted by adding White.  You can also take an earth tone such as a Sepia or Umber and achieve a similar effect.

There’s a host of ways to create “muted” hues. It’s fun to experiment and create series of color swatches with your discoveries. These are great references too when you are in the process of painting.

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