The Wonder of Color #5

Wandering and Wondering “Wandering and Wondering” 2014 cjm

Sunshine burst upon the leaves


wind upon my face.

Standing with arms wide


I embrace this season of change.


Color Fact:

Did you know:

Color is often associated with different moods or energies much like the “waves lengths” color is derived from.  It’s been often noted that colors can impact how a human being feels.

On the ROYGBIV spectrum these are some of the associated feelings with the 7 key hues.

RED –  danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love

ORANGE – joy, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, encouragement

YELLOW – happiness, warmth, cheerfulness

GREEN – growth, harmony, freshness, fertility

BLUE – depth, stability,tranquility, calmness

INDIGO – devotion, wisdom, justice

VIOLET – ambition, dreams, self-assurance

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