The Wonder of Color #1


Nature’s color in any season carries it’s own brilliance and inspiration!

And oh, to have the opportunity capture a moment in time with color.

So what is it about color that’s so appealing?

At the core in a literal sense it’s an organic product of light and reflection.  Perhaps on a more spiritual level it’s a part of life that adds meaning.

For Today:

I’d like to go back to some of the earliest uses of color and forms of 2D communication known to man. Cave Paintings.spain-cave-art-dated-oldest_54922_990x742Here you have a piece with reddish browns and a stencil effect.  History notes that soil was used as well as charcoal in the creation of “pigments” for cave paintings.  They were often mixed with animal fats or saliva to give them a consistency for application to a wall. Depending upon the mineral content of the soil the colors would be different.


This cave painting has a bit more range of color and detail.  Depicting life as it was or  part of it at that time.  ( Not too different from the Art today!)

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