Having wrapped up a series of posts on composition I must admit to feeling a little unsure of where to go with my “ArtFull Thoughts”.

What comes up is the word transition.  Perhaps fitting as the season begins to shift from summer to fall.  Leaves are changing color and beginning to float to the ground. The light outside is becoming a cooler hue.  And, so too I find myself filling with ideas for work indoors as the cooler months approach as I might be less inclined to go paint “en plein air”.  (Although I remember standing out in the snow several times and being inspired!)

So what I think I will share are the stages of a still life I began last week.

After spending Labor Day at a friends I came home with a handful of colorful Dahlia’s.  Knowing there would be limited time to appreciate their fullness I decided to create an arrangement and work indoors.  Focusing on the Dahlia’s first while time allowed.  I prefer working from the subject directly so this was a prudent decision for me in my process.

The transitions begin with a value study in blue and are continuing to unfold.

Dahlia's Value Study 1

Dahlia’s Value Study 1

Dahlia's Day 2

Dahlia’s Day 2

Dahila's Day 3

Dahlia’s Day 3



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