The Composition #10

“The elements of composition embrace the whole creative process.”

The Art of the Artist – Composition – by Fletcher Martin

Composite #10 CJM 5 x 7

Composite #10 CJM 5 x 7



Line Perhaps one of the most obvious components of a composition but perhaps overlooked as to it’s potential power.

A few definitions:

LINE – a long, narrow mark or band.

LINE – a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc., on a surface

There are many “dimensions” to line.  It has length, width and texture.  It can have color and be curved or straight.  All of these elements contribute to it’s function in a composition.  It  can orchestrate the development of an underpainting. It can define form and  perspective  in a drawing and can be the sole subject.

Tip!  Experiment with line

The following is a wonderful example of the power of line and composition.  The artist is Chan Hwee Chong. Pretty amazing!


An image of another one of Chong’s line drawings.

Van-Gogh by Chan Hwee Chong

Van-Gogh by Chan Hwee Chong


The beauty and simplicity of line in a Picasso.

Picasso - Nude

Picasso – Nude


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