Stepping Off

No quotes this week from the book “Art and Fear”.
Today, I’m talking about my own fear of  “STEPPING OFF” the cliff of comfort. 

Stepping out and off the cliff  was affirmed for me by my daughter the other day when I began showing her a painting I am working on.  She is also an artist.  I shared with her my insecurity about the process of development I am experimenting with.   What she lovingly communicated was to keep going with it.

In our conversation, she revealed to me that one of her art professors told her other people shouldn’t always like your art.   Hearing that felt good and liberating.  It also affirmed for me that I do limit my expression if I don’t take the risks.  Sometimes I can get caught up in whether or not it’s a good use of  time.

The answer is yes.  If there’s no exploration or risk taking there will be no life inside my painting!

Inside I know this is the only way for me to truly develop and grow in my expression.  I also realize I have more things to say and may need new ways to say them.

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