Talent – Does it Matter?

Talent pinned on noticeboard“Talent is a snare and a delusion. In the end, the practical questions about talent come down to these:  Who cares? Who would know? and What difference would it make?  And the practical answers are: Nobody, Nobody, and None.”Art and Fear by David Bales and Ted Orland

Talent isn’t something I’ve thought about in a long while. I guess for me it’s always hinted at a perception that “talented” people don’t have to work hard. When in reality there is often years of dedication and commitment to a journey.

I like to think of talent as an indicator of potential in a human being.  We all have talents or tendencies toward areas that resonate with us in some way creatively.  What we do with those indicators is up to us and that’s the part in my view that does matter.  Often as children, we are discouraged from these leadings by loving parents, because they are viewed as risky in terms of  a potential for earning a living.  Yet they can be the most important parts of who we are and who we walk away from unless encouraged.

Making art isn’t “practical” from the general public view, but it is necessary.  Talent does matter as an indicator. To have that recognized and encouraged is important in my view.  We all have talents and gifts that this world needs – that’s worth caring about,  that’s worth knowing about because it’s where the potential to make a profound difference is born.

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