Your Art and Acceptance

“If the need for acceptance is the need to have your work accepted as art, then the accompanying fear is finding it dismissed as craft, hobby, decoration–or as nothing at all”

Art and Fear by David Bales and Ted Orland

Left Hand Distress

Last week I posted about the need to be understood as part of the process of art making.  One thing that came up for me is how being understood can contribute to my experience of “connection”.

This weeks questions look at a related need, which is to have ones artwork “accepted” as art.

Questions for consideration:

  1. What does it mean to have your work “accepted” as art?
  2. Does it really matter as long as you accept your art as art?
  3. Does a response of some kind vs. no response at all make a difference?
  4. Who decides what’s considered “accepted”?

I invite you to share your thoughts on these questions in the comments area.

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