Part of the Process…

With the cold winter still in effect my basement studio has been a nice place to explore experiences other than plein air landscapes.

Painting”alla prima” still life paintings is one fun way to challenge myself during this time.  I often work this way on small  5″ x 7″ canvases primarily to keep myself “in the paint”. 
This week’s been spent in that realm of creating.  I’ve also gone ahead and repeated the same still life on slightly larger canvases for additional practice.  Subsequent versions always teach me something that I missed on the first go around! 
Something else occurred to me through this process.  In my pile of canvases lies an elongated format canvas that’s 12″ x 24″.  I haven’t really felt like I’ve known where to go with it.  What came to me was to join 2 of the 5″ x 7″ canvas panels to replicate an elongated space on which to practice a composition.   I also knew I’d come away with an interesting small format oil painting that might be great on it own.
Citrus Tea and Fruit Staging the “story” or scene
Citrus Tea and Fruit 2The initial blocking of shapes and colors. You can see where the two small canvases meet.
Citrus Tea and Fruit 3A little more than half way done.
** I wish I had taken a few more

intermediate snap shots for my own record. Oh well!
Citrus Tea and Fruit 5 x 14 2387The final painting!
I added a few more “grape” notes to carry
the scene across and off the edge of the canvas.
I really like the outcome and look forward to beginning
again on the 12″ x 24″ canvas.
  I think I have a
great internal reference to go forward as part of this process.

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