An Artists Valentine in 10 Easy Steps!

How to Make a Valentine_1STEP 1: Gather simple tools. Paint, brush, water, paper.

How to Make a Valentine_2STEP 2: Think of a heart.

Take your brush, use any color and begin.

How to Make a Valentine_4STEP 3: Continue envisioning your heart.

How to Make a Valentine_5STEP 4: See how it takes form. They’re all perfect.

How to Make a Valentine_6STEP 5: What does your heart want to say?

How to Make a Valentine_7STEP 6: Apply the brush to the body of your heart and write.

How to Make a Valentine_8STEP 7: Watch your message take form.

How to Make a Valentine_9STEP 8: Receive the message as you finish.

How to Make a Valentine_10STEP 9: Add some dots and lines.

How to Make a Valentine_14STEP 10: Now read, embrace and share your creation!

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