Who’s creation is it?

Foliage Brights“Who’s creation is it?”  Is that a personal question for an artist? Perhaps and perhaps an uncomfortable one to consider.  For me it’s a valuable opportunity for reflection and investigation into my own motivation for painting.

Looking closely at the “why” behind what I do draws me to closer to truth and usually inspiration.  Often, additional questions arise such as, “Am I seeking a particular outcome?”  It’s at this point that I need to get really honest with myself.

Experience shows me that when I have a particular outcome in mind that’s outside of simply trusting and following my heart I am in trouble because my inspiration seems to vanish and I can feel lost.

What I can attest to of late is a knowing that when I let go of all outcomes and paint from the heart magic can happen.  My heart leads and on some level I have an awareness that I am being guided every step of the way.  All I have to do is be present and open to let it flow.  It doesn’t always mean I like or understand the final “product” but I can rest assured that it’s a necessary part of the journey and has a purpose. There’s comfort in painting from this place because I connect with creating as part of my soul journey.

I’m not sure any of my creations are really “mine” but perhaps simple extensions of a larger “painting”.  One that I am not in charge of and am not meant to fully understand.   However, I do believe that “success” is the only possible outcome, as I choose to live life from the inside out.

Walking fearlessly along the path of being an artist and embracing every lesson along the way helps me know myself more intimately.  I am grateful!

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