Right Livelihood: Are You Following Yours?

Heart-on-fire-150x150We are all born with gifts and talents. Area’s where we have an innate ability to connect and share in a meaningful, life giving way.   A way that is natural for us and enhanced as we develop our skills in that area.  We are fulfilled and at the same time empowered to help others.

One of my favorite books is “Do What You Love and the Money Will Come” by Marsha Sinetar which speaks to this part of our beings.

Today I am focusing on the idea that failure isn’t an option when we choose to do our best at what we do best.

To quote from the book:

” Any talent that we are born with eventually surfaces as a need. Current research on child prodigies—youngsters who, form an early age, are mathematical wizards, virtuoso musicians, brilliant performers–tell us that they possess a burning desire to express themselves, to use their unique gifts.”   
 She goes on to say “In a similar fashion, each of us, no matter how ordinary we consider our talents, wants and needs  to use them.”

The key part of that sentence for me is “how ordinary we consider our talents”.  How often do we ignore our inner leadings?

In my own life I have minimized talents cultivating them to a degree that felt comfortable but then abandoning them out of fear. I wasn’t ready to take the plunge and commit to myself and find out who I was in this space.

What I neglected to remember was that I had GIFTS!  Areas that “fit” me and were part of the natural order for peace in my life.  I didn’t make them up I was gifted with them.  These were parts of myself that I needed to trust, respect and develop. I had a responsibility to that journey!

The only way to do good Work

Currently, I feel I am back on a path suited to this end.  It isn’t easy but it is a wonderful and enriching adventure!

How does your idea of “Right Livelihood” manifest in your present day?  What hurdles have you overcome in the process and what rewards have you experienced?  Please share!


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