No Time For “Thinking”

Spontaneity is an invigorating adventure.  Last week I ventured out to do some painting toward the end of the day.  After driving around for a bit I just needed to make a decision and park myself somewhere as the sun was heading down rather quickly.

Aunt Molly Road_1702

I had been by this spot before and it resonated with me.  I liked the configuration of the buildings and the shadows.  I parked my car down the road and hiked up to find a spot that provided me with a nice view off the street.  Sometimes that requires climbing as was the case this day.

Aunt Molly Road

I’m pretty streamlined with my equipment but could probably scale back a bit more.   I do like my rolling backpack.  It get’s a work out, as do I!

Aunt Molly RoadSo up the hill and through the leaves I went.  This reminds me of childhood adventures and my interest in “roughing it” in the woods.  As I found a view that worked I set up my easel and did my best at quickly capturing the scenes structures and light forms.

Aunt Molly Road_1705There was little time for thinking….Sometimes that’s to my advantage because I can get caught up in areas and become too focused on the details.  I really didn’t have time for that this day.  Capturing what I could, I focused on colors as values knowing I only had about an hour or so time frame before it would be dark and a bit unsafe for me to walk back to my car.   I think I need to pack a flashlight!!!

I loved being in the woods, hearing the sounds of nature….the crunching leaves under my feet and the feel of cool air around me.  That’s one of the many elements of plein air painting that I love.

Fall in the Woods 6" x 8" OilThis is much more of an abstraction for me in terms of style and I like it.   No time for thinking….just being in the moment and going with what comes!

It was a great afternoon.

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