An Artists Life

Things breakdown.  I don’t like it when it happens to me.

Guts of Organization

My life is full of daily happenings and challenges just like anyone else’s. For me, things breaking down always seem to come in clusters, when I least need them financially or otherwise!

One of the benefits, I think of having an artist’s mind is being able to take some perspective from these experiences and explore my creative capacity.   After all painting is a lot about problem solving.

Last week  one of the “things” that broke down was my 11 year old dryer.   I like vintage!!!   As I was tending to some laundry I went to turn on my dryer to find the drum wouldn’t spin.   Argh!!!!  I checked , double checked and no luck…something was broken.   Frustrated, I stood there thinking I don’t need this. I had just discovered some problems with my car.  The $$$ began to mount in my mind as I began to feel overwhelmed.

Wire and Metal Frenzy

I bolted to my computer  to Google the machine and found a YouTube video  that gave me enough information to start processing options other than calling a repair company.  Option “1” I could do this myself with a little help.  This beautiful relic has no computer touch panel or extra gadgetry for added confusion it’s a pretty basic dryer.  : )

Don’t get me wrong… I like technology but in my view sometimes simple machines are ultimately more efficient.   So  I called a friend to see what their experience was and voila help was on the way!  We wrapped the project up yesterday. My  dryer’s like new!  Despite the small inconvenience of my dryer being  out of commission and dismantled in my basement for a week it was a simple repair that only cost me $60 and the opportunity to engage with friends in the solution.  And on a more visual note I was inspired to take some pictures of the guts of my dryer!  I’m not sure what I will do with them, other than the bit of tweaking I share here, but I got to indulge my fascination with the inside of machines.

Batik Machines

Creating art isn’t so different in process.  As a painter I’m always working toward solutions to visual challenges.   Some of the most valued moments are when I’m in collaboration with a fellow artist in the search for options.  For me, that process is so much more empowering in terms of my growth than the final outcome.

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