Grateful Rejection

Submitting my paintings to juried shows comes with some hesitation at the inevitable possibility of “rejection”.  For a long time I let this aspect of being an artist limit me. The fear set in and aspects of suffocating “perfectionism” ensued.

Now I see it as part of the process and an opportunity to learn. My appreciation for all the acceptances grows.  I settle into reminding myself why I paint and that I will continue regardless.  However, these experiences can be part of sharing my work.  There’s always benefits in being willing to do that apart from the outcome.  This is where the gratitude comes in because it helps me see the gifts of the experience.

On a recent submission I experienced being “rejected” from a reputable juried show.  One of the things I am grateful for is that I entered! Some of the other positive outcomes are contained in these photos I captured on the way to pickup my painting.

Journey to Phillips MillThe sun shining on a beautiful late summer afternoon. Calling my attention to this charming Victorian home and the artistry of it’s architecture.

Journey to Phillips MillNature’s enduring beauty and gift of serenity.  I let myself stop, look and listen to the water rippling over the rocks as it continues on it’s journey.

Journey to Phillips Mill_1405BA quiet respite to sit and reflect among the calming greens of trees and grass.  The elegance of  a single stately planter of red Begonia’s in view.

Journey to Phillips Mill_1411BThe graceful nature of a fallen leaf as it rests upon a wood plank of the foot bridge.  Quietly, it calls my attention to their joint richness and the continuing change of seasons.  I continue across the bridge and am gently reminded that all is well and head back home.

These moments are some of the gifts I received as a result of this experience.  I am grateful because I found inspiration and acceptance in the knowledge that I can come back again.  Perhaps next time I come with my paints to capture some of the richness I discovered on this part of the journey.

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