Sky 3

Clouds of inspiration come at different moments.  Like the sky they are always changing and moving.

Sky 6I’ve been an observer of clouds and the sky for many years.  I can find myself getting wonderfully lost in them.

Sky 7

As a little girl I often wondered what it might feel like to sit in the clouds.  I imagined a comfort I’d never experienced before and being embraced by their softness as they carried me above the ground.

Only recently have I taken the time to make a focused effort on attempting to paint clouds not as part of a landscape painting but as a subject of it’s own.

Last week I had the opportunity to do that with a few artist friends and really enjoyed the freedom I felt in that process.   I worked much larger and found it a  welcome adventure into my childhood imagination.

Sky 4

I’m taking some time to continue observing and sifting through the 100’s of photos I have taken over the years of clouds with the confidence that I will find a few that will inspire me to create some more.

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