Youth, Heart and Art

Becoming Young

This quote by Picasso says a lot for me.  In so many ways it draws me to the beauty and uninhibited creativity of a child.  The pure unadulterated joy of taking paint, a crayon, a marker or whatever and just letting it flow on the paper. 
Too often as we grow into adulthood this part of ourselves gets lost in roles and constructs that take us away from this very special part of ourselves.  
The image I used here is one of my daughters earliest drawings…maybe she was 2.  Every time I look at it I am reminded that this aspect of creativity still exists in me.   And as I keep maturing I see how critical nurturing this core part of my being is as an artist.
We need the Picasso’s of the world to help remind us about ourselves.  Great art has the capacity to do that!

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