Reworking Art is that “Upcycling or Recycling”

UpCycled or ReCycledHaving just “reworked” a painting of mine yesterday I was thinking about this process and then it dawned on me as to whether this might be like “recycling” or “upcycling”.

To be honest I’m not sure I really see the difference between “recycling and upcycling”.   It sort of sounds like a new word to make something that’s been going on for awhile more interesting and fashionable.   Perhaps that’s exactly what I am doing when I “re-work” a painting.

Yesterdays “re-work” was a good experience for me. I laughed for one thing as I thought about it in the context of recycling and up-cycling.   Actually I think I might have “up-cycled”  based on the definition you will find below!!!

I think I was aiming for improved quality by going back to the same site and re-visiting the view.  Granted it was the afternoon instead of the morning.  Anyway, my original painting was nice although it had some perspective problems. The house was on a nice downward slant to the left, but I could take that in stride.  Some of the masters had this kind of thing going on.  Honestly though, the piece had been gnawing at me for a re-visit.  So I set up and took a risk of coming away with who knows what.  I guess it didn’t really matter as long as I learned something in the process.

I haven’t done a lot of re-working.  I tend to aim toward finishing and then letting it be, especially with the plein air works.  Painting over a painting I am ready to discard is familiar territory but an entirely different experience for me than re-working something.  This is the “recycling” aspect I see now!!!

So my experience yesterday as I see it IS more inline with “UP-CYCLING”.  I found this description of the term on a Google search.

“…involves turning waste material

or an unwanted product into

a better-quality product.”

I wouldn’t categorize my original painting as “waste material” however I think my efforts and motivation were to create something of better quality.  Whether I achieved that or not is up to each individual observer.  I had fun experimenting, laughed and learned something about the word “up-cycling”!

Is anything ever really new?

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