At the Orchard

Plein-air painting is one of the most challenging things I have engaged in creatively speaking.  For me it’s a constant journey into the beauty of the unknown.  This begins with the adventure to new locations and extends all the way down to finding a scene and picking up the paintbrush to being the conversation of expression on canvas.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Terhune orchard in Princeton, NJ.  It’s always refreshing to me to realize that within New Jersey there are so many places nestled not too far away that can make me feel like I am in a simpler world.   Driving up I recalled having been there once before many years ago with my daughter.

I meandered around and found my fellow painting friends taking note of the charm before me.  The amazing peonies, the colors of the buildings and grounds and activity of the workers and visiting families.   I could feel the energy and positive spirit.  After chit chatting a bit, I continued to explore and seek a spot of inspiration.  There was so much to choose from so it took me awhile.  I eventually settled in a shady corner by the entrance.  I had a nice view of the orchard owners home with the white picket fence and beautiful garden.  I wasn’t sure about the composition or being able to tackle the many details.  Simplifying isn’t an easy task for me….I am still learning.  I felt a little uncomfortable with all the people around but decided this was my spot for the day.

Having already tackled some of the initial challenges I got myself situated with canvas, easel and paints. Embarking on the next phase of the days journey…creating an impression of what I selected.   I’m not going to go on about that process.  If you’re an artist you already know.  Essentially, I did my best at “responding” to the moment.  Allowing for casual interuptions and a refreshing apple cider slush!   I enjoyed a beautiful day at the orchard.  And came away with the following outcome.   Some tweaks and touches may follow.

Coming Home

“Coming Home” 8″x 10″ Oil on panel

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