A Symphony in the Morning


Waking each morning to greet the day, I must admit at times I am rather slow-moving.  As I walk downstairs to my kitchen and put on the water to prepare my cup of coffee or get ready to go for a run, I find myself drawn to the greeting of the magical symphony playing outside.  The melody draws me in and escalates in intensity as I crank open the kitchen window to listen more carefully.   The clear reverberations and sweet notes float up and down and in and out in an amazing whirlwind of joy and cheerfulness .  Loud and  personal. This gift from the universe lightens my spirits and draws me in.

As I peek out hoping to catch a glimpse of the participants I can not see from where this music comes.  I know the players are out there among the many trees.  Occasionally showing themselves and then quickly moving on to perch somewhere else.

The dance continues and I take it in.   The rhythm, texture and exuberance .  It’s a conversation among friends. A symphony unlike any other that moves my soul and orients my way with a grounding in something far greater than I can ever hope to understand.

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