Inspiration,Integration and Originality

Influences in art are inevitable.  With that I ask myself is anything really original?  Or are all the experiences shared and wonderful components of an evolving creative whole in which we move toward discovering a kindred spirit? In looking at and reading a bit about the history of Japanese art I see this idea in […]

Passionate or Crazy?

Over the past few weeks I have been reading a lot about Vincent van Gogh and my appreciation for the man and the artist has grown. Like many artists, van Gogh is an interesting character with a lot of texture.  What has drawn me to learning more about him is the question of someone being […]

A Symphony in the Morning

Waking each morning to greet the day, I must admit at times I am rather slow-moving.  As I walk downstairs to my kitchen and put on the water to prepare my cup of coffee or get ready to go for a run, I find myself drawn to the greeting of the magical symphony playing outside.  […]

A Letter of Encouragement

Dear Dreamer, You know my heart, you know my soul.  We have been fellow travelers and friends for a lifetime.  I realize there have been times when I have been distant and hard to reach.  I am sorry.  I lost my way. Over the past few years we have started to re-connect.  Somehow your voice […]