Taking Time to Play


This week’s God Sized Dream step is to write about “Taking Time to Play”.  Hmmm….

Taking time to play has been an idea that has come into my presence a lot over the past year. For me this is a companion piece to learning to take myself and my life less seriously.  Taking the time to think about playing and re-discovering what “fun” is for me is a process.  Much of that consideration brings me back to childhood as a resource.  Honestly, I forget about all the things I used to like to do as a kid.  As I grew, I think I just stopped leaving time for fun.  I saw it as something strictly for children and not as a source of renewal and connection to the lightness of living.   That’s what I think it is…a path to “lightness” in living.  Who doesn’t need that?

As an artist I am learning how beneficial it is for me to have fun and play with different mediums.   As the result of processing through a recent “lull” with my painting and art work I explored drawing and painting with my left hand.  I also explored some other mediums.  I bought myself a good old box of Crayola crayons!  I remember loving the huge box of them with the sharpener in the back.   With crayons and paint in hand I went to it putting the colors down as I felt with no purpose other than enjoying the process. I had a blast!

What I took away from that experience was a sense of  “freedom”.  I had so much fun just playing with the colors and tools!  I let myself do something that to my logical mind seemed “silly”.    It was just what I needed and it paved the way for new exploration in my painting.

I do have room for more growth in this area and need to be mindful of  incorporating “play” into my life because it helps put everything in perspective.  Sometimes is as simple as an attitude but other times it means doing something “silly” just because.

This weekend I look forward to painting.  Who knows maybe I will give finger painting a whirl.  I also plan on going to the movies with a friend and hope to engage with my yard by digging in the dirt.  Maybe I will make a few mud pies!

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Having fun and playing are gifts I have access too all it takes is for me to be willing.


One thought on “Taking Time to Play

  1. Hi Catherine,
    I agree…life is meant to be enjoyed. I don’t think God put us here to be constantly miserable. Yes, we go through valleys, but even then, through Him, we can find joy. 🙂
    Keep dreaming God-sized dreams and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today.

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