Getting Out of My Own Way

How often I look around for answers to questions regarding my creativity.  My mind loves this and works hard at finding solutions.  To my ego’s delight the answers are always out side myself.  I buy into this tricky maneuver from time to time losing energy and motivation for that which sparks my spirit.

In journaling this week,  I remembered that these are the stones and walls that I put in my own path! They take me outside myself and cause distraction.  Only when I listen to my heart do I remember that I am a creator, an artist, and there is nothing surrounding that other than goodness and love.    So I wonder why I put barriers to that goodness in my path.  I suppose the awareness is enough!  As it is from this point that I start to “see” how I contribute to my own demise.  How clever the ego can be!

Empowered now, I gently lift the barriers from my path to discover a new vision and clarity.  It all seems so simple and effortless. Inspiration returns in abundance.  I am aware that the worries and fears are of my ego’s making.  All I ever have to do is trust that what I have already been given is available and waiting every time I get out of my own way!

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