Coke and Daffodils_0421

In my meanderings at a park yesterday I came upon this Coke bottle with daffodils sitting on a picnic table almost beckoning to be noticed. With no people in sight I wondered who might have put it there and why.  It drew me in to ponder more closely the evidence of it’s presence.

My intention was to find a spot to paint, and as I did, I found myself staying in close range to this object of delight.  It seemed to speak quite loudly to me.  I felt a happy aura in my midst.  It seemed as though a special bouquet had been left for me  and others who might pass by.  There was nothing attached to it’s presence other than kindness and beauty.  A few freshly picked daffodils smiling brightly in a “Coke” bottle on what could be characterized as a rather grey and overcast day.

I went about my business and painted.  No one came to retrieve the arrangement that had so quietly seeped into my being.  There were passers by over the few hours I was there. Yet no one seemed to notice what I did.   Was it my imagination?

As it became time to go, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of this seemingly random “gesture” to record and preserve my experience.  Swiftly sending it to my daughter on text. I hoped to pass on my experience and excitement.  She was intrigued and thankful.

With my bags and easel packed, I slowly walked away, leaving with something far more powerful than I expected.  Delivered through a simple “gesture” and an art full thought who’s creator I will never know.

Perhaps that’s why I ended up at that location.  It wasn’t my first choice.

Gestures of this kind have a magnitude.  Freely given, without want of recognition they contain a magic like no other.  All that’s required is for one to notice.

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