Henri The-Art-Spirit

I’ve been doing some reflecting and listening today.  As it happens I learn a lot about myself and others.   Knowing I wanted to write, I found myself in a bit of a fog with regard to what I was feeling and what I wanted to say.  So for inspiration I picked up one of my favorite books “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri.  This is a book that I recommend for any artist.  It’s something  I can pick up and open to any page and get something significant out of it.  Henri was wise as well as talented.  I came across this insightful sentence.

“No one can get anywhere without contemplation. Busy people who do not make contemplation part of their business do not do much for all their effort.” Henri


I really like this statement and find that one of the most important actions I can take in any day is time to quiet my mind and reflect on my experience.  This works for my painting and life in general.  It forces me to STOP, look and listen. Funny that reminds me of what I learned to do as a child before crossing the street.

Henri goes on to say something about everything the artist needs to learn is in his or her own work.  Contemplating that is helpful as it reminds me that everything I need is within me.    So I take time to reflect and contemplate the lessons of  my life and within my painting.  I know too, that these are connected.  There are treasures for me in the journey and that is what being an artist is all about for me.  Although if I’m honest it’s taken a long time to come to that awareness.  Contemplation has helped guide me!

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