Taking Time to Play

This week’s God Sized Dream step is to write about “Taking Time to Play”.  Hmmm…. Taking time to play has been an idea that has come into my presence a lot over the past year. For me this is a companion piece to learning to take myself and my life less seriously.  Taking the time […]

Earth Day without Art

“Earth day without “art” is just “Eh”!” I read this on tweet today from TheArtList on Twitter and couldn’t resist passing it on.  I think it’s a wonderful reminder!!!! Let’s celebrate creativity and artistic expression on EARTH DAY! If you are so inspired, please share a work of yours here today in comments.

Getting Out of My Own Way

How often I look around for answers to questions regarding my creativity.  My mind loves this and works hard at finding solutions.  To my ego’s delight the answers are always out side myself.  I buy into this tricky maneuver from time to time losing energy and motivation for that which sparks my spirit. In journaling […]


In my meanderings at a park yesterday I came upon this Coke bottle with daffodils sitting on a picnic table almost beckoning to be noticed. With no people in sight I wondered who might have put it there and why.  It drew me in to ponder more closely the evidence of it’s presence. My intention […]


I’ve been doing some reflecting and listening today.  As it happens I learn a lot about myself and others.   Knowing I wanted to write, I found myself in a bit of a fog with regard to what I was feeling and what I wanted to say.  So for inspiration I picked up one of my […]