An Egg by Design

Easter Eggs in Bowl_0382

Sitting this morning at my kitchen table,  I took some time to observe the small wood bowl of freshly dyed eggs I had prepared for Easter. The artist in me noticed how elegant and beautiful they were. Perfect in so many ways, even without color.

As I took one in my hand, I noticed it’s symmetry, smoothness and shape. I felt it’s weight and substance.  I seemed to further understand the commanding power within it’s fragile nature. While I admired the colorful exterior, what drew me in was the form and design. So perfect and unique with the ability to engage without much fuss.  I pondered the intelligence behind the core of it’s creation.

They say some of the best designs are simple. I believe that is true. For me, they lend themselves to engagement, imagination and relationship.  Often they fill me with a serenity I can’t describe but understand at a core part of my being.  I relate without effort. These  objects speak with a power beyond my intelligence.

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