Craziness or Freedom?

Is it crazy to believe that we all have the choice to live the life we have imagined?

Henry D. Thoreau has a wonderfully inspiring quote:  “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Sometimes I feel that following my dreams is crazy because so often for me the path has no guarantee or promise of any outcome.  To the outside world that may seem crazy, illogical and sometimes irresponsible.  But is there any possibility for real internal peace if I don’t tune in and listen to what is at the core of my being?  So far my experience says NO.

Finding my truth and living that seems like  a responsibility of value and worth because it honors who I am and all the gifts I have been given.  I do have a responsibility to understand what those are and cultivate them.  I think this leads me to contribute in a way that matters while I am here on earth.  It’s not about personal gain because it comes from a place of already “having”.  It’s not about material things although those may come as a result.  I think it’s about service.

We all have gifts, exceptional gifts that are needed and of value.  I think we get caught up in the “game” of life and “thinking”.  We become consumed with our logic, path and plan, only to forget about belief and dreams.  How much do we leave behind when we forget about this important aspect of ourselves?

It takes a lot of courage to dream and lots of belief….others may think you’re “crazy” but I guess I would rather be that and free than continuing to live a life that didn’t foster my spiritual growth and the inner peace that comes with risking knowing who I am.

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