Home is Where the Art is

The phrase “home is where the heart is” has been on my mind lately.  I’m not sure why perhaps it rings true for me more clearly now.  I understand the meaning behind it a little better.  I suspect that the timing of this awareness is of a higher nature because at this juncture most of the components of my life are in a field of change.  My perception of home is being rustled, challenged and made new.

I have been a person that really count’s on “home” as a physical space and sanctuary of sorts to get away from the stresses of life.    Maybe we all do that.  I think it’s important to have such a place.   But what’s starting to come into view for me is the possibility of walking through life with an inner sense of “home”.  This for me translates to inner peace and serenity regardless of my circumstances, location or any externals. It has to do with letting go and tuning in to the quiet recesses of my soul.

While I am experiencing this re-organization of what I have previously known as “home”.  I am equally challenged with my painting. Everything seems to be in flux and I can’t get a grip on any direction.  It almost feels like I have forgotten how to paint.  I find it very frustrating and scary. I know I can feel at home painting and often do. But I seem to have lost my footing for the moment.

Perhaps “home is where the art is”.  Perhaps as the ground is shifting in my life and a new definition of “home” is being brought into view the same is occurring in my painting.  There must be a connection.

So for the moment, I am focused on acceptance and being open to these revelations and changes.  The more I can do that the more relaxed I become and trusting the flow is possible.  I do believe “home is where the heart is” and where the “art” is.  I don’t think it can really be anywhere else because it must come from my heart to have any real significance.

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