Running and Painting

Running is an activity that I enjoy, especially when I can get myself into nature and by a body of water.  Over the past week or so I’ve been inspired to get back out into the woods and run along a nearby canal.  It’s been an invigorating experience.

As a fan of winter and colder temperatures I enjoy the energizing affects the cool air can have on me.  Depending on the temperature sometimes I prefer the running because I have the benefit of body heat.  Painting I need to rely on layers and hot chocolate!   Anyway, on this particular day I was pleasantly immersed in the beauty of winter on the canal.  There was a barrenness and quiet unlike other seasons.  I could hear my feet hit the trail along with the wind, birds and water rolling to the lakes edge.  I even accessed the silence that seems to carry it all.  My senses got going. Visually I was drawn to the myriad of shapes.  The sweeping orchestration of branches, vines and limbs and the lyricism. In it’s unordered nature there was organization and symmetry.  A lot like life!

Continuing down the trail I let my mind be swept away and my senses fulfilled with the experience.   I thought about the connection between life, painting and running.   Each in their respective ways require discipline to make them meaningful.  They all contain on going lessons in relationships. All take some level of courage because the road isn’t always smooth.   All contain gifts that without willingness to go the distance one might miss.

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