Honesty seems to be something on my mind today.   I try to practice this in my personal life and it’s not always easy to be rigorously honest with oneself or others.  By that I mean having the skill and sensitivity to be honest in a manner that everyone involved is held in high regard.  This kind of honesty isn’t about taking someone else down it’s about vulnerability, openness and the greater good.  This kind of honesty is void of disrespect or purposeful harm.

Of course as I think about this I wonder about honesty in my art work.  Am I creating from a place of truth and honesty?  Is that possible and how do I get there if I’m not there already?

I don’t have an answer today…however I do have the sense that as powerful and liberating as rigorous honesty can be in relationships I think the same may be true within the context of my painting.

Are you rigorously honest with your art?  How is that experience?

One thought on “Honesty

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