Distortions and Beauty

About a month ago I walked to the used book store in town and found a book on Cezanne’s compositions.  It’s been an interesting experience flipping through the pages and reading about his approach and thinking.

One of the qualities that I admire in Cezanne’s work are the distortions and alterations to perspective.  What one might view as potentially destructive to the beauty and integrity of a painting he uses to create character and feeling.  What I admire is how the distortions seem effortless and without thought. Almost childlike in nature to me.

Outside of his obvious skill I do wonder if he might have been saying more to the world.  Aren’t all artists doing that to some degree once they have mastered the tools and have the skill to then employ their voice?  I wonder if he wasn’t making a commentary on distortions in life and how we each view things through our own lens and with our own set of colors.    There is a beauty in our individuality and expression –  distortions can enhance that depending upon how they are implemented.

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