Stretching My Visual Comfort Zone

There’s a benefit to stretching my visual comfort zone as there is with stepping out of any regular structure I may have established for myself.   I LEARN!

I can be a creature of habit….

In terms of viewing art I can really limit myself in my experience.  I tend to stick with artists I feel comfortable with or relate to and I’m not sure that’s in my best interest.  I think part of my avoidance is feeling like I wont understand other work or enjoy it.

However, anytime I have the opportunity to face of art that I don’t really “get” or understand I am provoked to think and feel.Sometimes many questions and good discussions come of the experience.  I GROW.

I ask myself – Isn’t that what art is all about?  I think so!

In visiting another blog I had the opportunity to look at some work by artist Kent Williams and I found it beautiful but also disturbing in many ways.  This isn’t work that I would normally be interested in but I am curious.  I loved the use of color, the detail and I felt like they were puzzles. I found my eye wandering around seeking pieces to make the whole.  I don’t know if that makes sense but it was part of my experience.  I guess wanted to make order out of the chaos and disturbance and in doing so I was drawn in.

For today, I am grateful for the inspiration to re-visit the idea of stretching my visual comfort zone.  I have a lot to learn from observing and experiencing art that I wouldn’t habitually be drawn to and need to do more of that.

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