Plein Air Friends

Aunt Molly's Farm Final_0223

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with my plein air buddies…  I really enjoy that group of dedicated artists.  We each have our own unique style and process for interpreting the wonder of nature.

What’s so nice about this group is the shared experience. The common understanding of the ups and downs of painting and interpreting what one see’s into a two dimensional work of art that has some meaning.  As I write, I realize that the reality is that no matter what the outcome each piece has meaning. There’s always a lesson.  The lesson may be in the navigation of color, weather, the physical tools, the changing light or our own critical minds.  There’s so much that we are juggling out there when we decide to go and so much uncertainty!

For the past weeks I have been challenged with all of it!  I am experiencing a phase of work that’s just not “working”.  Last week I was toying with the thought of laying down my brushes for awhile.  I entered a painting into a juried show. I was hesitant as the painting, in my view was really tight and rather uninspired.  I had a nice chat with the gallery owner and submitted the work anyway.  As I suspected it was kindly turned down.  No matter how much I know this is part of the process it’s still comes with a bit of hurt.  So I have to remember all the successes and I have had many in a short time.

One of the beauties I experience as part of this group is the ongoing encouragement.  I was fortunate to benefit from the perspective of a fellow artist.   That helped me yesterday.  It helped me persevere and carry on even though my outcomes have not been what I am used to. They are part of my process and therefore important.  Just like my friends. I can’t do this alone.

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