First Steps and Morning Inspiration

I woke early this morning, as usual. This happens to be one of my favorite times of day. It’s still dark out, the sun hasn’t started to rise and  quiet peacefulness surrounds me.  Of course my dog is up and excited…but that’s beside the point.

Today, I went for a short run just as the sun was rising.  Each time I make this decision I realize why I enjoy it so much!  It was cold but I bundled up and relished the crisp cool air as I ran through my little town.  Running down the road I noticed wonderful pink hues along the horizon and was reminded of all the natural beauty that surrounds me.  I saw a few small birds whisking around the ground, chirping and looking for food outside the bagel shop…to me this was a sure sign that Spring is around the bend.  I noticed the wonderful cool blue atmosphere and the warm light of the local diner glowing behind the “Open” sign.  There were a few cars but mostly just the sound of my own breath and the pitter patter of my feet as the hit the ground.

I love the early morning even when I think it’s too cold to go out.  All I need to do is prepare and take the first step out the door. Inspiration waits patiently if I just show up to receive it!

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