Moving Forward


This weeks topic for following my God-sized dream is to recall a positive step that I took in the past that helped me move forward.  As I reflect, a lot of what I did in the past to “move forward” was out of sheer will power.  So this is a challenging question for me.  While I am grateful for many of my experiences and did move forward, I’m not sure will power was  the way to go.  It often was motivated by fear, drained my energy and at the end I still wondered if this was all there is.

Over the past 5 years what has helped me move forward through some very challenging circumstances is giving up my will power and finding people to share my fears and heart felt dreams with. As I share with them they also share with me and we connect in our vulnerabilities.  For me, this is empowering. There is freedom. Freedom to be who I am, exposed and human. Some how in that acceptance comes the courage to move forward. There’s no need for will power because there’s an abundance of love power.

One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. Amen Catherine. You have expressed some real truth that speak to me. I, too, used to rely on willpower out of fear and to be honest, pride. I wholeheartedly agree that love power is better, and I am working to use it in my life.

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