Who’s Sharing My Journey?

Amy Cathy Wendy New Hope

My God Sized Dream buddy hasn’t been chosen yet.  I have shared my God Sized Dream with a friend who understands it.  Perhaps she’s the perfect buddy for this.  She also loves painting, wanted to  pursue her Masters in that but ended up in another field.  We have a lot in common.  Spirituality is important to her too.

Last week, she helped me with my resume after I shared an idea I had for obtaining some freelance work. You see I have many skills from other jobs/careers and I haven’t been certain how I could transition those into the arts.  What came to me was offering business support to professional artists.  I thought I might be able to lend a hand with website updates, photo optimization, blog posts and other administrative things that need to be done.  She really liked the idea and was in full support of it because it would provide the flexibility I need to continue painting.   I think she makes a wonderful God Sized Dream buddy for me.

One thought on “Who’s Sharing My Journey?

  1. Don’t you love the things that fall into place as you go along? (I do! And I love the picture at the beginning of this post!) Your dream doesn’t have to be clearly defined… and having a buddy who gets that makes realizing it even more fun!

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