Inspiration in the Mundane

Good morning…it’s Saturday and I am considering is there inspiration in the mundane?  Is anything really mundane?  What does that mean for me? Is that a matter of perception?

I have some chores and responsibilities to tend to today. One is taking down my Christmas tree.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I don’t really like doing it in part because it’s marks a close to the holidays. I like the lights at night, the ambiance and cheer.  Perhaps I’m inspired to add that to my environment in other ways for the duration of the year.  I also need to take my car in to the shop as the “check engine” light came on.  Maybe I need to check my engine.  Am I running at full capacity and taking good care of myself? Behind all this I fear not having time or energy to pick up my paintbrush. That can be frustrating.

I opened my copy of “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri (yes I still have paperback books!).  Sometimes I find inspiration in there that can change how I view things.  The following sentence resonated with me:   “Be willing to paint a picture that does not look like a picture.”  I wonder what he meant by that.  For me the interpretations are many.  I suspect there is great freedom in the willingness to paint a picture that doesn’t look organized or understandable. Maybe that is something I will have time for!

As I look deeper, I make a connection with the broader scope of my life. Many times it doesn’t look so understandable. There is a lot of what could be characterized as “mundane”.  The challenge is in accepting that. Freedom the result!  Perhaps inspiration an outcome. I am left with the question: is all this really mundane or just a piece of the puzzle?  A brushstroke in a large composition, that has a meaning I don’t always understand.  Perhaps that inspires thought, new direction and additional brushstrokes that ultimately create an inspired and meaningful painting.

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