Brilliance in Today

Canal-Photo_0030B2“Winter on the Canal”

It’s a beautiful day out today. A little chilly but sunny.  As I am working on getting a few necessary tasks done I am thinking about where I would like go out an paint.  Getting outside to paint from life seems to be a priority for me today.  Sometimes I find myself avoiding this adventure, and it truly is an adventure every time.  Getting started is half the challenge because once I am there, even if I struggle with the painting I come back invigorated.  I feel more alive.

I happen to like reading inspirational books and find so many quotes in my reading that speak to me.  Writing them down might be a good idea at some point.  Today I read a bit from a book called “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson.  I liked this passage in the chapter on Work.

” We are to do what there is a deep psychological and emotional imperative for us to do. That’s our point of power, the source of our brilliance.”

May we all celebrate our brilliance and know where that lies.

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