Opportunity and Perspective

Opportunity through challenge can be possible if my eyes are open. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see things that way as its often easier to sit in the “status quo”. Opportunity can be a matter of perspective. How I see things. Am I going to see a chance for change,  the possibility to  do something new, maybe live out a dream?  I have opportunity now, in this moment in every moment. Am I willing to take it? Fear, how do I deal with fear?  I start thinking rather than listening to my heart. Confusion sets in and I can become paralyzed.

My dream…to paint.  I have had opportunity over the last two years to rediscover this side of myself.  A very important side of myself. One that I left many years ago out of good old fear. I took that opportunity and am discovering more a long the way but that depends upon my perspective.

Opportunity a chance to change, push the doors wide open and take a leap of faith. My life is full of challenge.  Full of opportunity. Opportunity to face my fears, old ones and new ones. Opportunity to grow and experience living.

I’m not a writer, but I am taking a risk and embarking on an opportunity and sharing this post with Five Minute Friday.

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