The Gift of Perspective

I read an article this morning that spoke to perspective. Not in reference to art but in conjunction with life.  It talked about “having enough” vs.  “having it all”.  I suspect “having it all” implies that one is missing something right now.  I’m not sure that’s true. Perhaps that’s the perspective piece?  Maybe that’ s about one’s own personal view of the situation.  I need to consider my  perspective at times, especially when I get into doubt.  In reading I was reminded that when I start thinking there is more somewhere else or “out there” it takes me away from today.  Today is all I really ever have and I can miss its significance if I am looking elsewhere.

In considering this with my painting I think there is also relevance. I can get “stuck” with finding inspiration when the fact is it’s all around me. I can get hung up on constructs.  If I look closely and am vested in the moment the inspiration is around me, near me and not somewhere “out there”.  That is inspiring to know. It gives me the gift of perspective.

If you are interested in reading the article you can find it here:

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